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Lotto prediction systems & services
The Only Pay For Wins  site is a learning
resource center for people looking to improve
their skills on lotto drawing games. We present
a variety of creative systems and options for
players to utilize and become more effective
and efficient in their lotto play.

We got our name from our Only Pay For Wins
program first established in early 2013. The OPFW
program provided players with an opportunity to
receive predictions from the world's most skilled
predictor of drawing games for a small percentage
of their win when the player got a hit on the
numbers provided.
About OPFW
Becoming a winning player is about much more than
having good systems. To become a profitable player
at the game, one cannot just run to the finish line by
buying a system or playing some predictions for a
short time and expecting a huge result. To reach your
most productive level of play, you must first educate
yourself on how to rise above the allures and financial
traps of the game. You must develop a very detailed
understanding of the odds of the game and financial
planning skills so that you may set your expectation
to the size and term of your investment rather than
simple want or need for money. You must rise above
mental bias and myths about the game to become
ultimately successful. That's what OPFW is here to
teach you. A whole new perception of the game and
how you need to play it to get ahead and stay ahead.
What's new for students?
" NECESSITY and URGENCY are twin poisons of our   
.rattlesnake minds. "

- Jonathan Lockwood Huie
What's new for the public?
Coming Soon
The first ever Mrs. Mauler upgrade is now available. All students agree
Mrs. Mauler is the holy grail of 3 digit lotto and it has been drastically
improved and utilized in 3 exciting new ways that all mean big bucks.
This affordable upgrade can and will be yours for $800 which will
be recovered with relative ease in 2 shakes of a lamb's tail. After all,
let us face the facts. If you are a Mrs. Mauler owner, you are paying
$800 with profits you already made on the system!
The Super Conductor upgrade #2 is going to knock your socks off!
By now you know the Super Conductor is one of the strongest forces
in lottery. It also has been drastically improved as we release upgrade
# 2 for this Goliath of a system. It focuses on specific conditions
where we can narrow down the field on Super Conductor from 20 to
only 2 picks for any draw to make an increased bet and stand a great
chance to connect against low odds. We are really giving this one
away for a lousy
$250. You cannot buy upgrade # 2 until you have
purchased the 1st Super Conductor upgrade for $500 if you have not
Now Available! Click for details
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