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Lotto prediction systems & services
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The Only Pay For Wins  site is a learning
resource center for people looking to improve
their skills on lotto drawing games. We present
a variety of creative systems and options for
players to utilize and become more effective
and efficient in their lotto play.

We got our name from our Only Pay For Wins
program first established in early 2013. The OPFW
program provided players with an opportunity to
receive predictions from the world's most skilled
predictor of drawing games for a small percentage
of their win when the player got a hit on the
numbers provided.
About OPFW
Becoming a winning player is about much more than
having good systems. To become a profitable player
at the game, one cannot just run to the finish line by
buying a system or playing some predictions for a
short time and expecting a huge result. To reach your
most productive level of play, you must first educate
yourself on how to rise above the allures and financial
traps of the game. You must develop a very detailed
understanding of the odds of the game and financial
planning skills so that you may set your expectation
to the size and term of your investment rather than
simple want or need for money. You must rise above
mental bias and myths about the game to become
ultimately successful. That's what OPFW is here to
teach you. A whole new perception of the game and
how you need to play it to get ahead and stay ahead.
What's new for 2016?
" NECESSITY and URGENCY are twin poisons of our   
rattlesnake minds. "

- Jonathan Lockwood Huie
What else is new for 2016?
Pick 3 & 4 Training
Coming Soon
March is Zen Master Training Month
Starting in March, OPFW will begin teaching our Lotto Zen Master
course. This course is about preparing the most important weapon in
the war against lottery. The mind. Most of what players are lacking
to become productive in these games is patience, clarity, forward
thinking and planning and a true understanding of the game, the odds,
what should be expected from the game and what should be or not be
attempted when trying to beat it. The best system in the world cannot
help you until you come to these realizations and conform to a new
standard of truth in your thinking and expectation. Stay tuned to
OPFW for more info on this as we update the site.
Registration is now closed until further notice.
We are not currently accepting new members
into the Only Pay For Wins service. Feel free to
shop our systems.
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Of course any system that plays only 2 numbers does not hit every
time it is indicated but when it hits, it presents maximum profit.
You do not have to play it every day but if you are an online player,
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Please allow 1-2 days for delivery