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                              Only Pay For Wins Plan ------ Pay a 1 time charge of $58 to join the Pick 3 program
           ( Original Plans )               and only $5 a month for membership. You will receive
                                                     daily predictions for up to 5 states that you choose
                                                     for either Pick 3 or Pick 4 depending on which program
                                                     or programs you select. You choose the number of
                                                     predictions you want us to send to you on a regular
                                                     basis. Once your enrollment is complete, you will
                                                     pay the $5 monthly via PayPal subscription and a
                                                     small fee for each win you make on our predictions.
                                                     The fees for the wins are listed below and are due
                                                     within 1 day of when the win is made. If the fee is
                                                     unpaid, service stops until the fee is paid. The Pick 4
                                                     program is $75 one time fee to join and also $5 a month
                                                     plus the cost of the fees for each win. We expect the
                                                     picks we send to be played straight and boxed as most
                                                     players utilize. Players with bigger bankrolls often use
                                                     wheel or combo bets as they are called in some states.
                                                     When our pick wins, we will manually send a PayPal
                                                     invoice to you for the amount of the fee.

     .                               ----       -------   - ------------- .Pick 3 winning prediction fees:                     Pick 4 winning prediction fees:

                                                                   -    6 way box win  Fee $7.00                         24 way box win Fee $ 10.00
    3 way box win  Fee $14.00                       12 way box win Fee $ 20.00
    Straight win      Fee $25.00                        6  way box win Fee $ 40.00                  
    Wheel win        Fee $25.00                        4  way box win Fee $ 60.00
                                                                      Straight win      Fee $250.00

        Single State Plan --------- --  Single state specific $65 : Now you can easily
                                                    receive up to 20 Predictions daily for your state.
                                                    The number of predictions you play and buy is your
                                                    choice and the price does not change based on the
                                                    number of picks or days you choose to play. These
                                                    predictions will be ranked by probability to appear #1-20.
                                                    No Fees for wins. Billed every 30 days from the date
                                                    you join.

        Pro Player Plan     ---- ------ Pro Plan $150 : Receive state specific predictions for up to 5 states
                                                    daily and also receive the Multi State / Lucky Picks for each day.
                                                    You may choose the states or let us choose the states. Average # of  
                                                    predictions issued for the 5 state specific predictions is 4-12 picks per
                                                    state varies a bit day to day. Average number of multi state Picks issued
                                                    daily is 2-4 predictions. No Fees for wins. Billed every 30 days from the
                                                    date you join.

        All State  Lucky Plan  ------  All state / lucky daily numbers $80: Receive the most wanted predictions by
                                                    players in the world today. With a proven track record of phenomenal accuracy,
                                                    the daily all state numbers are a great bet for any state. Play only 1-5  numbers
                                                    per day on any state. The favorite of online players for the daily reliability.
                                                    No fees for wins. Billed every 30 days from the date you join.

                                Weekend Warrior Plan  -----Weekend Warrior $50: Receive up to 15  state specific predictions on Fridays,
                                                                            Saturdays and Sundays only. The weekend is when 90 % of Pick 3 & 4 players
                                                                            play the game after payday. If you don't have the funds to play all week, this is a
                                                                            good option for you. No fees for wins. You choose how many picks you play. Billed
                                                                            every 30 days from the date you join. ( limited to one state of your choice $50 )

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Our Flat Rate Programs Below Have No Fees For Wins!
After you pay the first $5 and register,
you will receive a Pay Pal invoice for
one time enrollment fee.

( This only applies to option 1 ) not flat
rate programs in the other options. Flat
rate programs require only 1st month's
payment to start service.
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